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Focus | World's first flexible DC grid equipment installation acceleration

Focus | World's first flexible DC grid equipment installation acceleration

Sep 15,2019

Through the world's first flexible DC power grid project, clean energy sources such as Zhangjiakou will continue to be supplied to the Winter Olympics venue, enabling the Winter Olympic Stadium to achieve 100% clean energy use. Recently, seven converter transformers of the Beijing Beitong Flexible DC Project Beijing Converter Station were in place, which enabled the Beijing converter station to be fully transferred from the civil construction stage to the key equipment installation stage. On November 15, the Beijing converter station will carry out system commissioning. At the end of the year, the power transmission capacity will be completed, and the entire project will be completed in the first half of 2020.


Zhangbei Flexible DC Power Grid Project is the world's first flexible DC power grid project. It is also the world's highest multi-stage flexible DC transmission project with the highest voltage level and maximum transmission capacity. It is newly built with Zhangbei, Kangbao, Fengning and Beijing. DC converter station, the total length of the line is 666 kilometers, and the total commutation capacity is 9 million kilowatts. After the project is put into operation, clean energy from Zhangjiakou and other areas will be sent to the northern power grid in Beijing. It is estimated that 10 billion kWh of clean electricity will be delivered each year, accounting for about one-tenth of Beijing's annual social power consumption.


Beijing Converter Station is the receiving station of Zhangbei flexible DC power grid project. It is located 1.5 kilometers northwest of Bangshui Village in Badaling Town. It will be constructed in March 2018 with a total construction area of ​​36,000 square meters.


Recently, after 4 hours of night transportation, the 7th converter transformer was successfully transported from the east cargo yard of Kangzhuang Station in Yanqing District to Bangshui Village of Badaling Town, and the 6 converter transformers previously in place successfully passed the meeting. The large-scale transportation task of the transformer at the Beijing Converter Station was completed. The reporter saw at the Beijing converter station that the converter transformer with a length of 10.56 meters, a width of 3.5 meters, a height of 4.84 meters and a weight of 273 tons was being installed under the joint efforts of the construction personnel and the crane. The main structure of the transformer gradually appeared.


“There are 7 converter transformers in Beijing Converter Station, which are the largest and most important core equipment in the substation.” Li Yong, deputy manager of the project department of Beijing Converter Station. The transportation of 7 converter transformers was carried out in 3 batches. Since the first transportation began in mid-June, large-scale transport personnel have adhered to the construction site, stayed up late, loaded, transported, unloaded, and rushed between two points and one line. After nearly three months, the last smooth transportation was finally put in the station on the morning of August 27.


Next, the Beijing converter station will fully enter the critical equipment installation phase, laying the foundation for the timely application of the Zhangbei flexible DC power grid project. After the project is completed and put into production, it will create the world's 12 largest projects including “the first DC grid with true network characteristics” and “the first DC grid with complementary wind, light and energy storage”. Major projects and events such as the “Electric Coal Replacement” project in Yanqing, the Beijing-Zhangjia High-speed Railway Traction Station, the Winter Olympics, and the World Expo will provide reliable clean energy protection, and the high-quality service will be coordinated by the Green Olympics and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.




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