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" Power Tianlu " Qinghai sent Tibet power to reach 600,000 kilowatts for the first time

" Power Tianlu " Qinghai sent Tibet power to reach 600,000 kilowatts for the first time

Jan 5,2019

" Power Tianlu " Qinghai sentTibet power to reach 600,000 kilowatts for the first time

ChinaNational Grid Qinghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. said on the 27th that the “PowerTian Road” project has completed a large-load test on the transmission andtransformation project of ±400 kV Qila DC system. During the test, the power ofQila to Qinghai sent Tibet reached 600,000 kW for the first time. 

Knownas “Power Tianlu”, the Qinghai-Tibet AC-DC power interconnection project startsfrom Xining in Qinghai and west to Lhasa in Tibet. It has a total length of2,530 kilometers and an average elevation of 4,500 meters. It passes throughSanjiangyuan, Hoh Xil and Qiangtang nature reserves. It is one of the 23 keyprojects in the development of China's western region, and it is also thehighest-level DC transmission project at present.

Accordingto China National Grid Qinghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., this year, with theeconomic and social development of Tibet, the electricity consumption has beenincreasing, and the load on the Tibetan power grid has continued to rise. According to the analysis of theNorthwest Electric Power Control Sub-center, ±400 kV Chaila DC is still themain transmission channel for the Tibet Power Grid. It is expected that theoperation of the Chaila DC will be arranged in the end of 2018 and 2019 duringthe flood season and 600,000 kW.

It isunderstood that “Power Tianlu” has been pumping a total of 5.418 billion kwh toTibet since it was put into operation in 2011. Since its commissioning, theproject has opened the door for resource allocation, and the Tibet Power Grid,which has been operating alone, has passed through Qinghai Power Grid.Interconnected with the entire northwestern region's power grid, optimized thepower supply structure, and solved the long-term power shortage of the centralpower grid in Tibet.

ChinaState Grid Qinghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. stated that Chaila DC successfullycarried out a 600,000 kW heavy load test, which not only created a new highhistorical load of Chaila DC, but also provided a power supply for the powergrid of Tibet Power Grid to improve the power balance of Tibet Power Grid.Strong protection.

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