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China's largest single energy storage power station connected to the grid

China's largest single energy storage power station connected to the grid

Jan 5,2019

At 23:16 on December 25, the first single largest energy storage power station in China, developed by Shandong Luneng Group Co., Ltd., 330 kV Xinlu Multi-energy Complementary Energy Storage Power Station was put into operation on the grid, which was used for wind power in Qinghai Province. The comprehensive utilization of photovoltaic and photothermal resources provides a good demonstration.

The 330 kV Xinlu Multi-energy Complementary Energy Storage Power Station is located in Golmud City, Haixi Province, with a total installed power of 50,000 kW and a battery storage capacity of 100,000 kWh. Construction began on October 18, 2018. The station adopts electrochemical energy storage mode to eliminate peaks through charging during wind power and photovoltaic super-period periods, and reduce wind power and photovoltaic external output capacity, and fill the valley through discharge during a small period of output. The power station compensates for the shortage of independent wind power and solar photovoltaic power generation, and provides more stable power to the power grid through intelligent adjustment of wind energy, photovoltaic, and solar thermal power generation systems. At the same time,the rational use of the ground and high-altitude power stations can fully utilize the complementary advantages of wind, light and heat resources to achieve maximum integration of resources.

Haixi wind and light resources are abundant. It is estimated that the scale of Haixi New Energy will exceed 8 million kilowatts in 2019. The comprehensive utilization of wind, light and heat resources will constitute a complementary new energy source, which will give full play to the advantages of energy resources in the Haixi region, enhance the resource output capacity in new energy development, and provide favorable conditions for the development, application and innovation of clean energy.

In order to ensure that the project will be connected to the grid for power generation, Haixi Power Supply Company will take the initiative to follow up the progress of the customer project, guide the construction of the customer's power transmission and transformation project, and open up a green channel for the relevant procedures of the customer, and fully help the customer to speed up the project construction progress. The company set up a project acceptance and grid-connected working group to fully serve the customer project commissioning and grid connection, and stationed at the customer project site to accept customer measurement, protection, communication, power transformation and line equipment, and urged customers to eliminate and rectify the situation. While providing technical assistance for new energy,the company coordinated energy replacement, channel construction, peak shaving methods, policy mechanisms, and market platforms to address clean energy consumption.

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