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Beijing Electric Power Realizes Full Coverage of Distribution Automation

Beijing Electric Power Realizes Full Coverage of Distribution Automation

Jan 12,2019

On January 7, the news came from the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company, by the end of 2018, Beijing area achieved 100% regional distribution automation coverage, 100% functional input rate and 95% correct operating rate. At this time, State Grid Beijing Power took the lead in achieving 100% full coverage of provincial-level company distribution automation.


Distribution automation construction is an important measure to improve the operation and management level of distribution network.In 2017, State Grid Beijing Power was put into operation and launched the first “one-piece dual-core” distribution automation system in China. While significantly reducing the construction cost of the main station, the data processing and security protection capabilities exceeded the same type of systems in operation at home and abroad. The regional distribution automation main station is fully covered. In 2018, State Grid Beijing Electric Power used the distribution automation system to achieve 670 customer and branch line failures. The overall line failure was 72.3% lower than that of 2016, and the average disposal time of all faults was shortened by 26 minutes.


Through the construction and transformation of smart distribution network, by the end of 2018, State Grid Beijing Electric Power has accumulated 8,075 distribution automation lines and completed 17,000 circuit breaker installations, all of which have realized feeder automation function configuration; The rate and function input rate are both 100%, and the overall remote control success rate is over 95%.


State Grid Beijing Electric Power attaches great importance to the promotion of distribution automation application work, incorporates the distribution automation construction into the indicator assessment mechanism, and adopts the methods of daily statistics, weekly notification, and monthly evaluation to actively promote the construction of various special projects. The units affiliated to State Grid Beijing Power have carried out the work of “one line, one map and one case”, comprehensively sorted out the distribution network construction and upgrading project, effectively ensured the investment precision and project landing; concentrated efforts to promote the installation of the circuit breaker on the column, and finally completed the automation. The construction task of line coverage is 100%.


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