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Xi'an's first thermal storage and energy storage clean heating unit was put into use at the space base

Xi'an's first thermal storage and energy storage clean heating unit was put into use at the space base

Dec 21,2018

On December 17, the exclusive heating unit of the Operation and International Headquarters Building of Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base was successfully commissioned and officially heated to the building. This marks the successful construction and commissioning of the first clean heating unit in Xi'an with thermal storage energy storage technology.


The heating unit adopts a new generation of phase change thermal storage energy storage technology independently developed by Shanxi Yunwei Electric Power Co., Ltd., without accessing the central heating pipeline, the whole unit directly accesses the original heating pipe network system of the building and stores heat through phase change. The unit has heat storage and heat release, and the heating area is up to 37,000 square meters, achieving a breakthrough in large-capacity valley electric storage heat storage and energy storage clean heating technology above 2MW.


"Nasu is in the mustard, hide the sun and the moon are in the pot." The reporter saw at the scene that the heating unit covers an area of only 200 square meters, and all of them are located on the first floor underground the building. No traces of the existing traces are seen on the surface; the heat storage unit group, the circulating pump, the electric control cabinet and the plate type are arranged neatly. The heating unit and other facilities are clean and tidy. The safe and quiet unit has huge heating capacity, and the heating effect is warm and pleasant, making people feel warm in the winter season.


The weather in Xi'an has been cold and windy. It is basically at minus 5 degrees every morning. However, when the reporter walked into the office area of Xi'an Jingdongfang Huiyun Computing Co., Ltd., which has already settled in, I feel that the interior is warm as spring. Through actual measurement, the time is 10:30 am, the outdoor temperature is 3 °C, although the sunlight is very good, but the outdoor is still cold, the indoor temperature of the enterprise is 22 °C, and the wide hall does not feel the slightest cool. Mr. Xie, the person in charge of the company, said: "The heating effect is better. The switch is turned on ten minutes before going to work. When you go to work, there is 20 °C. It is not cold all day. It is warmer when it is a few degrees outside last week. The temperature can reach 23 °C indoors, and it started heating at the beginning of last month. It is cheaper than municipal heating, and it does not need to be frozen. It also saves air-conditioning costs. It is really cost-effective." Ms. Chen, who is the head of Shanxi Salt Industry franchise company, also confirmed this statement.


According to the general manager of the Clean Energy Division of Shanxi Yunwei Electric Power Co., Ltd., the phase change thermal storage energy storage technology adopted by the unit is the patented technology of Yunwei Power, which is the first application of this technology in Shanxi. The project enjoys Shanxi Province. Peak and valley time-of-use tariff policy. The understanding of the image of this heating system is a “smart charging battery”. At night, the low-cost valley electricity is used to store heat in the heat storage unit through electric heat conversion; the heat stored in the heat storage unit is released as needed during the day. So heating during the day does not need to consume electricity. The operation and maintenance power can technically achieve the heat storage and energy storage, the valley electricity is completely used. Because the price of the valley electricity is 30% of the daytime electricity price, therefore, the operation and maintenance heat storage is adopted. The heating cost of heating technology is very low, which is 60% less than the cost of conventional electric boiler heating. After the operation and maintenance of the storage and heating energy storage market is formed, the proportion of clean heating in various buildings in Xi'an can be greatly improved. The advantages of green, environmentally-friendly clean technology, manufacturing, materials, and use of the entire process, with coal, gas and other traditional fuel heating can not match the zero pollution zero emission reduction capacity, will help to crack the smog problem in Xi'an winter, a set the heating and heating electric boiler heating system manufactured by such operation and maintenance power has lower equipment and construction cost than the charging fee charged by central heating, and is distributed. Modular, easy to solve construction area of several hundred square meters of heating from one hundred thousand square meters of construction of the body, usually tens of thousands of square meters of heating project construction period can be completed in less than two months. This new technology of operation and maintenance power is the first in the northwest region, and it also provides new models and new cases for the construction of green ecological “Da Xi'an” coal to power and clean heating.


According to information, the "phase change heat storage and clean heating" technology adopted by the heating unit is derived from the beginning of 2016, the operation and maintenance power actively responds to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, and seizes the opportunity of air pollution control to shift to clean heating. The clean energy industry relies on the talents and technological advantages in the fields of thermal energy, electrical automation and materials in its own power generation field, focusing on the latest research results of new energy storage materials and technology research in the field of heat exchange, applying the internationally advanced nano-scale phase. The energy storage material technology can collect and store low-cost and non-continuous energy sources such as valley electricity, wind power, solar energy and industrial waste heat, and then release them in an intelligent and controllable manner, which can be widely used in building heating and living. Hot water, industrial waste heat applications and other fields. Innovative modular design and distributed layout, non-polluting, non-toxic, long-life material mechanism, remote monitoring and centralized control, etc. The successful development of a series of advanced technologies will enable China's rapidly expanding urban groups, new towns and large residential buildings. District, high-tech parks, industrial parks, ecological parks, large-scale commercial complexes and other building groups can no longer rely on the government's single mode of centralized heating, so that areas that cannot access central heating and areas where gas pipelines cannot be installed can be heated. The puzzle was solved.


Compared with traditional central heating methods, the clean energy storage heating technology of operation and maintenance power can not only replace traditional heating, but also significantly reduce the daily heating cost of residential users and enterprises, so that those concentrated in crowded cities and scattered New and old buildings on the edge of the city have difficulty in heating and have seen new hopes. Because of the buildings that cannot be covered by municipal central heating and gas pipelines, all kinds of new office buildings, commercial complexes, residential quarters, hospital schools, hotels, government agencies, public buildings and other entities need to face self-built or rebuilt heating systems. The new technology eliminates the need to excavate heating pipes between buildings, saving users several millions of RMB; the heat source can be flexibly placed in the basement of the building. It can be put in underground the building, fully automatic control, unattended, no need for boiler workers; normal temperature and normal pressure operation, high safety and reliability; due to the modular technology, the heating range can be 100,000 square meters above, and the construction period is short, the investment cost is not high, and the construction of the building is completed simultaneously, the construction can be put into use, and the investment recovery cycle of real estate development is greatly shortened.


In August of this year, the 7 departments of Shanxi Province jointly issued the “Shanxi Clean Heating Action Plan”, which requires that the clean heating rate in our province should reach 70% or more in 2021. The Xi’an Municipal Government also proposed a three-year action plan in March this year that “The iron fist to demist haze to protect the blue sky. "After calculation, the operation and maintenance power of this set of 2MW heat storage energy unit, only this winter can reduce the burning of standard coal 207 tons, reduce nitrogen oxides emissions 1.45 tons, save electricity costs 924,000 yuan, truly achieved " Energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, clean and low-carbon", to help reduce pollution and reduce pollution in the whole society, and provide "effective technology" for Xi'an people for clean heating.


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