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Green power surging Jingchu - state grid Hubei electric power 70 years of grid development

Green power surging Jingchu - state grid Hubei electric power 70 years of grid development

Oct 7,2019
Green power surging Jingchu - state grid Hubei electric power 70 years of grid development

Green power surging Jingchu - state grid Hubei electric power 70 years of grid development

China's first 500kv power transmission and transformation project, the first 500kv DC power transmission project, and the first UHV AC project put into commercial operation all start or end in Hubei province.  These long and winding "silver dragon" convey the surging electric energy, for the people to send the well-being of a better life, for the economic and social development of inexhaustible power.


Despite 70 years of wind and rain, China has made an extraordinary journey.


In the past 70 years, with the development of China's power industry, hubei power grid has gradually become the hub of mutual supply between the north and the south and the center of national interconnection from a relatively isolated provincial power grid.


Overlooking today's Jingchu land, towering iron towers and vertical and horizontal wire can be seen everywhere. China's first 500kv power transmission and transformation project, the first 500kv DC power transmission project and the first UHV AC project put into commercial operation all start or end in Hubei. These long and winding "silver dragon" convey the surging electric energy, for the people to send the well-being of a better life, for the economic and social development of inexhaustible power.


Hard forging a mainstay

The history of Hubei electricity office can be traced back to a hundred years ago. On January 7, 1893, Zhang Zhidong installed 1,140 electric lights in the bureau of weaving officials founded by Zhang Zhidong in Wuchang, which brought light to the land for the first time. However, by the end of 1949, the total installed generating capacity of Hubei province was only 45,000 KW, and the annual electricity consumption was only 65 million KWH. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the basic grid of Hubei power grid began to take shape gradually. In April 1951, the 66 KV power transmission and transformation project from Wuchang to Daye was put into operation, which laid the foundation for the unified power grid of Hubei province. In October 1957, Qingshan to Tieshan power transmission and transformation project, the first 110 KV power transmission and transformation project in the province, was completed and put into operation. In July 1969, the province's first 220kv power transmission and transformation project -- Danjiangkou to Wuhan power transmission and transformation project was put into operation, realizing the interconnection of Xiangyang, Yunyang and Wuhan. According to records, by September 1979, the main power supply scope of Hubei power grid expanded from 16 counties in 1968 to 62 counties. Except for a few counties, Hubei province basically formed a unified power grid. After 40 years of reform and opening up, Hubei power grid has entered a new period of "transcending and crossing". With its unique location advantage, Hubei power grid has left many "firsts" in the development of China's electric power. In 1981, the country's first 500-kilovolt power transmission and transformation project -- Pingdingshan-Wuchang power transmission and transformation project -- was settled in Hubei province and put into operation, becoming the starting point for the construction of a 500-kilovolt power grid nationwide. This marks China's grid into the era of ultra-high voltage, but also opened the level of power development from catching up to lead the prologue. The huge energy released by the reform and opening up drives the rapid development of the power grid. Less than 20 years after the Pingwu line was put into operation, the main network of Hubei power grid with 500 KV was gradually formed and became a regional hub power grid. In 1988, Hubei and Hunan provinces realized the interconnection of 500 KV. In 1990, the country's first dc power transmission project -- the ±500 KV Gezhouba to Shanghai DC power transmission project -- was put into trial operation, the first national regional interconnection. In 2000, Hubei and Jiangxi power grids were interconnected with 500 KV. With Hubei power grid as the center, central China power grid connecting Henan, Hunan and Jiangxi was formed. Entering the 21st century, the historical opportunity once again favor Hubei power grid. Hubei is rich in water resources, but it is short of coal and oil. However, cross-regional power grids have irreplaceable advantages in long-distance resource allocation. In January 2009, the 1000 KV AC test and demonstration project of ultra-high voltage in southeast Shanxi, Nanyang and Jingmen was put into operation. The line all the way across the Yellow River, Hanjiang river, into Hubei, North China and central China power grid to achieve a strong connection, Hubei power grid because of its unique location advantages, as the starting point of three gorges power transmission, west power transmission channel, north-south mutual supply hub, the center of the national network.

Dare to be the first to promote scientific and technological innovation.

Science and technology is the foundation of national prosperity, innovation is the soul of national progress. Since the founding of new China over the past 70 years, along with China's power industry from behind to catch up, from and ran to the course of struggle of the top priorities in Hubei electric power co., LTD., and promote scientific and technological innovation, prompted in Hubei power grid construction scale, voltage grade, substation capacity, line length and realize the historic breakthrough unceasingly, electricity transmission, the allocation of resources ability to realize leap-forward development. In May 1982, Yan Xudong, an employee of Hubei electric power maintenance company who was only 20 years old at the time, was assigned to carry out the first ultra-high voltage live operation in China. "I grew up in a forest farm in the mountains. Climbing was not a problem and I was able to balance myself. Yan Xudong recalled that on the day of his first uhv live operation, he put on a shielding suit, sat in a hanging basket and stopped about 2 meters away from the conductor. He stepped on a metal ladder to the conductor of Pingwu line, tightened the spacer and made history ever since. In October 2008, Ruanling team of Hubei electric power research institute undertook the important task of field special test in the construction of 1000kv ac test and demonstration project of UHV from southeast Shanxi to Nanyang to Jingmen. They put metal shields on each of the giant electrical devices and tested them against interference sources. The test set 20 world records in the field of ultra-high voltage. On June 10, 2009, Hu Hongwei, a 31-year-old employee of Hubei maintenance company of the state grid, put on a shielding suit and climbed up the tower. His right hand generated an electric arc between his right hand and the ± 800kv UHV line. More than an hour later, Hu Hongwei accurately completed the line fault maintenance work, becoming the world's first close contact with the ± 800kv UHV "forbidden zone warrior", making China the first country to master the highest voltage level of transmission line complete maintenance technology. Over the years, state grid Hubei electric power by participating in the construction of a number of projects, many times won the national science and technology progress first prize and other awards. Entering the new era, the power grid has been given more functions and connotation. In April 2019, in order to deepen the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things, state grid Hubei electric power set up a demonstration area of distribution Internet of things in Ezhou, carrying out trials in the construction of full coverage of distribution automation, intelligent distribution and transformer terminal application, intelligent management of distribution cables and deepening application of power supply service command system.

According to the three-year target of Hubei electric power distribution automation construction and application of state grid, by 2020, the distribution automation coverage of medium voltage distribution lines in the provincial urban agricultural network will reach 95%, realizing the observable, measurable, fault location and isolation of the main trunk lines of the distribution network, and realizing self-healing in some areas. By 2025, Hubei electric power, the state grid, will build a distribution network with a certain self-healing ability, realizing automatic isolation of faults between the overhead network and the underground cable network, and automatic restoration of power supply.

Electric power first serves the economy and society

"People's electricity industry for the people" is the unshakable purpose of the power industry, but also the power industry always abide by the original intention. Over the past 70 years, state grid Hubei electric power co., LTD has put "public opinion first in power development" into practice. Both rock-solid faith and strong action. Since 1995, entrusted by the state grid company, state grid Hubei electric power has undertaken the targeted poverty alleviation task of "three counties and one district" (Changyang tujia autonomous county, Zigui county, Badong county and Shennongjia forest region) of Hubei. Hubei electric power according to its "three county area economy, climate, geography, etc., carefully prepare the implementation plan for poverty alleviation, establish and improve industrial project reserve, a targeted arrangements to implement poverty alleviation projects, accumulated 421 implementation of poverty alleviation projects, a total investment of 334 million Yuan, including direct investment 130 million Yuan, the local investment of 204 million Yuan. In 2006, the state grid invested more than 500 million yuan in hubei electric power, solving the problem that the last 26,500 households in the province and more than 80,000 people in remote mountainous areas did not have access to electricity. In the past three years, state grid hubei electric power also directly invested 5.61 billion yuan in a special fund for rural network transformation and poverty alleviation, providing power infrastructure for 37 impoverished counties.

Economic development, electricity goes first.

In recent years, state grid Hubei electric power focus for customers to reduce the burden and increase efficiency, continue to optimize the power supply service. In order to reduce power supply, the company vigorously promotes "process subtraction, service addition": The application of high pressure is reduced from 6 links to 4 links, and the application of low pressure is reduced from 4 links to 2 links. We will strictly implement the time limit for handling the application, open up a green channel for applying for the application, implement "one case one discussion" and "special affairs special handling", and reduce the time for applying for the application for high and low pressure to 34.5 and 1.5 days respectively. In terms of reducing the cost of power supply, we will adhere to the principle of "three nods" to ensure that we do not increase the burden of power supply. For small and micro enterprises, the nearby access policy will be implemented to increase the power supply capacity of low-voltage customers to 100 ~ 160 kilowatts, and gradually realize "zero cost" access for small and micro enterprises. At present, the priorities of hubei electric power building covers 1117 14 cities and 100 counties in the province business hall, the entire province 96% customer service platform for the intelligent electric housekeeper "centralized management, information query, online pay electricity network, power distance, 24-hour on-call services, multi-platform reflect demand and difficulties" one-on-one "solution, did the customer" never leave home, enjoy the service. In the first half of this year, in addition to industry, other ten major industries in Hubei province electricity consumption are different degrees of growth. Among them, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, construction, transportation, storage and postal services, information transmission, computer services and software, real estate, leasing and business services saw an increase of more than 10%.According to the state grid Hubei electric power forecast, in 2019, the whole society in the province will use 223.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, a year-on-year increase of 7.8 percent. Standing in the history of the mountain peak look back, state grid Hubei electric power with unremitting struggle to write a development legend. The electricity consumption of the whole society increased from 65 million KWH in 1949 to 207.143 billion KWH in 2018, an increase of 3,186 times. The province's annual per capita electricity consumption increased from 2.5 KWH in 1949 to about 3,500 KWH in 2018, an increase of 1,400 times.

Under the protection of strong electric power, Hubei's GDP increased from 2.451 billion yuan in 1952 to 3.93 trillion yuan in 2018, an increase of 1,603 times, ranking the 7th in China. Today's Hubei, thepaper.cn power far Fuji, illuminate everyone’s happy smiling face; Hubei electric power, now the state grid, is standing on the new starting point of development, to contribute to the economic and social construction of Hubei electric power wisdom.

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