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China Southern Power Grid Corporation vigorously promotes the deep integration of artificial intelligence and business development

China Southern Power Grid Corporation vigorously promotes the deep integration of artificial intelligence and business development

Aug 17,2019

Intelligent business service with smart customer service and smart electricity display experience, to achieve full business without waiting, no filling, no queue for self-service; intelligent technology to replace manual inspection, Guangdong power grid machine patrol transmission line inspection efficiency increased 4 Times, data processing efficiency increased by 12 times, and defect recognition accuracy increased by 28%... At present, the deep integration of artificial intelligence and business development has become an important measure to promote the company's efficiency and efficiency and promote the company's high quality development.


In recent years, China Southern Power Grid Corporation has actively implemented the national innovation-driven development strategy, formulated special plans around the development and application of artificial intelligence, built a unified artificial intelligence basic platform, and carried out extensive exploration and practice in the fields of production, marketing, infrastructure, etc., forming a series of The innovation results provide strong support for the company to accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.


Smart production improves quality and efficiency


Artificial intelligence is an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is profoundly changing people's production, life, and learning methods, and promoting the intelligent era of human society, human-machine synergy, cross-border integration, and sharing.


Power grid enterprises are capital, talent, technology, and data-intensive enterprises. It is difficult to adapt to the development requirements of the new era by relying on the expansion of scale and the labor-intensive management model. Under the new situation of leading the high-quality development of the economy with the new development concept, the demand of China Southern Power Grid Corporation for improving quality and efficiency is becoming more and more urgent.


"As the country's largest provincial power grid, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation's per capita maintenance transmission line length increased by 11.8% in the past three years, and professionals only increased by 1.91%." The relevant person in charge of the China National Power Grid Corporation's Biotechnology Department said that the equipment is growing and the production staff Insufficient, similar phenomena are common in the company's production field. To solve the contradiction between the two, we must rely on the research and application of artificial intelligence technology to continuously improve the efficiency and efficiency of production work, and support the sustainable development of the company by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


With the goal of improving quality and efficiency, the company has fully applied technologies such as cloud and mass transfer, and the smart production situation is gratifying. Taking smart transmission as an example, the company has vigorously promoted the patrol operation in recent years. The annual average patrol operation exceeds 400,000 kilometers, the coverage rate reaches 70%, and the inspection efficiency is increased from 4 km/person day to 8 km/person day. The cumulative discovery of more than 30,000 defects has achieved remarkable results. The patrol is unmanned, the operation is automated, and the “blessing” of intelligent equipment such as robots, online monitoring devices, satellites, etc., the staff can grasp the situation of the transmission line equipment body and the passage corridor in real time. "This is extremely beneficial for us to carry out maintenance, repair, and clearing of transmission lines. It can effectively reduce power outage time, reduce operational risks, and improve operational efficiency," said the person in charge.


At the same time, the company steadily and solidly promoted all aspects of smart production and construction, and artificial intelligence "flowered results" in specialized fields such as power transformation and power distribution.


Pilot first, with a point to face. China Southern Power Grid Corporation has stepped up and planned to promote the construction of various professional pilot projects. It has built a smart substation with Zhongshan Guangming Station and Yunnan Baoshan Shidian Station as pilots, and built a smart distribution network pilot project with Foshan Financial High-tech Zone intelligent power distribution room as a pilot. Up to now, Zhongshan Guangming Station's intelligent patrol pilot has achieved outstanding results, achieving 100% inspection unattended, intelligent operation nearly 90%, patrol maintenance efficiency is significantly improved, and time is reduced by more than 80%; Foshan Financial High-tech Zone intelligent power distribution room on-site inspection time The compression is nearly 35%, and the fault self-healing function is fully covered in the area, and the average power outage time of the customer is reduced to 5 minutes.


Marketing innovation deepens


"Hello, I am a robot 'Xiaozhi', what is the problem, even if you ask me!" On-site observation, the natural language dialogue from the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, the customer service robot avatar power service for the "small encyclopedia", accurately answered the observation Questions raised by personnel.


Marketing is the "bovine nose" operated by China Southern Power Grid Corporation, and its importance is self-evident. Faced with the new marketing situation, the company actively explored marketing and service innovation, and continuously promoted the deep integration and deep development of artificial intelligence and marketing business, and achieved good social and economic benefits.



“The company has built an industry-leading Internet unified service platform, which has effectively promoted the transformation of traditional customer services to Internet services.” According to the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, the current number of platform users is nearly 35 million, and the proportion of Internet services is 88%. Self-service can be realized for business such as check-in, business expansion, electronic invoice, and remote agent interaction. The customer “does not run at one time”. At the same time, after one year of online service of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, the average daily service customer reached 2,000, accounting for 20% of the manual traffic, effectively diverting 95,598 manual traffic, and the robot answer rate was 90%.


In Guangzhou Nansha Smart Business Hall, the fixed manual counters for customer service are missing, replaced by intelligent robots and self-service terminals. It is not just Nansha. In order to promote the transformation of the power supply business hall to the customer experience hall and the intelligent business hall, China Southern Power Grid Company has made full use of the technology of Yundawuzhizhi and other technologies to create autonomous power in 10 power supply bureaus such as Shenzhen Futian, Dongguan Songshan Lake and Kunming Wuhua. Innovative smart business hall, to achieve full business without waiting, no way to fill in, do not line up self-service, effectively improve work efficiency and customer service experience.


In order to promote the transformation of customer service from passive service to active service, the company also used the technology of face recognition, graphic recognition and other technologies to initially build a mobile operation system based on intelligent technology. Customer service personnel can complete the expansion and registration of the service at the service site. Receive work. The data shows that there are 47,000 active users of mobile terminal operation APPs in the whole network marketing business, accounting for 50% of the total network marketing personnel, achieving full coverage of 3,594 power supply stations throughout the network.


At the same time, the company comprehensively promoted the construction of smart metering, and realized the automation and intelligence of the copying and verification and measurement verification. Among them, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation has built the largest centralized metrological verification system with the largest verification capability and leading technology. The annual verification capacity has reached 10.39 million, the number of verification personnel has decreased by about 500, and the measurement inventory rate has decreased by more than 50%. The quality and efficiency of verification have been verified. And management has improved significantly.


Advance in depth and boldly innovate. Next, China Southern Power Grid Corporation will focus on improving the hardware terminal of intelligent business hall, intelligent 95598 service experience, intelligent business innovation capability, and smart metering application capability, and accelerate the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and marketing business.

Initial establishment of a basic support platform in 2020


Through the pilot application of artificial intelligence in the production and marketing business areas, labor efficiency has been significantly improved, providing decision support for the company's transformation and development. However, subject to the maturity of technology, the completeness of basic data and the degree of subjective understanding, the application of artificial intelligence in the power industry is still in the initial stage of “crossing the river by feeling the stones”, and it still needs to persist for a long time and vigorously promote it.


China Southern Power Grid Corporation attaches great importance to the deep integration of artificial intelligence and business development. In December 2018, it officially issued the “Special Plan for Deep Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Business Development”. According to the plan, the company will build a deep integration development system of “scenario-driven, platform support, technology leadership, talent guarantee, and industry synergy”. By exerting the traction effect of artificial intelligence on core business, the company will promote the development of the company to achieve quality change and efficiency change. Dynamic change. It is estimated that by 2020, the basic support platform for the deep integration of artificial intelligence and business development will be initially established. It will be the first to be applied in the typical scenarios of marketing, comprehensive energy, production operation, planning and construction, informationization, network security, and enterprise management. breakthrough.


"According to the principle of 'unified planning, unified design, unified construction', the company is accelerating the construction of a unified artificial intelligence infrastructure platform around the three core requirements of computing power, data and algorithms, encouraging and supporting all units to develop artificial intelligence applications based on platforms. Innovation.” The relevant person in charge of the Planning Department of the China Southern Power Grid Corporation (Poverty Alleviation Office) explained that application scenarios, algorithms, data and computing power are the four major factors driving the development of artificial intelligence. Among them, the application scenarios in each business area are the ultimate value of artificial intelligence, and the artificial intelligence basic platform will provide comprehensive technical support for algorithms, data and computing power for artificial intelligence applications, and fully empower digital south network construction. Ultimately, through the deep integration of technology and business, it promotes the overall improvement of efficiency and efficiency, and helps the company to accelerate the creation of world-class enterprises with global competitiveness.


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