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What is a ring network cabinet?

What is a ring network cabinet?

Mar 30,2019

The ring network cabinet is a set of high-voltage switchgear installed in the steel plate metal cabinet or made into the electrical equipment of the assembled space-type ring network power supply unit. The core part adopts the load switch and the fuse, which has the advantages of simple structure, small size and low price. Improve power supply parameters and performance, as well as power supply security.


In fact, if the cabinet type is classified according to the switchgear, there are load switch cabinets, circuit breaker cabinets, GIS, etc., there is no ring network cabinet. The ring network cabinet is a customary name. The original refers to the load switch cabinet used for ring network power supply. Now it is often used as a synonym for load switch cabinet, regardless of whether it is used for ring network power supply, such as some lines. It is necessary to operate in a closed loop (commonly known as hand-in-hand), or it is possible to perform a load cut (switching the load on one line to another line). The power distribution cabinet that implements these functions is called a ring network cabinet. Therefore, the ring network cabinet is a kind of switch device that can realize the power supply of the ring network. It is commonly used in the ring network power supply system. It is commonly called the ring network cabinet, also called the "outdoor box type ring network cabinet" and "opener".


The load switch cabinet can be used for ring network power supply, medium voltage boundary room dispatching, and medium voltage terminal transformer room power supply. The power supply departments of various regions have different specifications for transformers that allow the use of load switches and fuses to be protected, like Beijing. The transformer capacity is required to be no more than 1000KVA, and the Shenzhen area may be 1600KVA. The load switch cabinet has a simple structure, low cost and small volume, and most of them can be installed against the wall, and generally only the fuse protection without relay protection. The load current of the main bus of the load switch cabinet is generally less than or equal to 630A, the rated breaking current of the load switch is generally less than or equal to 630A (a few reach 1700A), the rated current (fuse) of the transformer cabinet (outlet cabinet) is generally not more than 125A, the transfer of high-grade load switch The current can reach 2800A. Partial load switchgear can be installed with special vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit breaker or arc-extinguishing mode such as compressed air. The short-circuit breaking capacity is close to or reaches the level of the switchgear.

The ring network cabinet is used for dividing the load current, breaking the short-circuit current and the no-load current of the transformer, and the charging current of the overhead line and the cable line is controlled and protected. It is an important switch device for the power supply of the ring network and the power supply of the terminal.

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