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Guangdong Power Grid enters the era of "Big Data" and taps huge power supply potential

Guangdong Power Grid enters the era of "Big Data" and taps huge power supply potential

Dec 1,2018

In the vicinity of the Yunfu 500 kV Wolong Substation, a fixed-wing UAV equipped with a laser radar device whistleed off and launched a fast and long-distance line channel inspection. Through the analysis of the data returned by the drone, the grid staff can not only discover equipment problems, but also tap the power supply potential.


On November 28th, the “Glorious 40-year Lighting new era” drone flight from Guangdong held by Power Grid Corporation of China Southern Power Grid came to Yunfu. A number of media reporters visited the fixed-wing UAVs at the Yunfu 500 kV Wolong Substation to conduct long-distance line channel inspections and power supply, and learned about the important role of drones and big data in improving power supply reliability and grid productivity.


Big data "beloved" tapping huge power potential


According to Liao Ruchao, data analyst of Guangdong Power Grid Inspection Center saying, since 2017, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation has carried out big data analysis and verification on the current carrying capacity of 48 transmission lines. The average power supply capacity has increased by 15%, and the power supply has increased by 1.6 billion kilowatts. At the same time, the benefits were increased by 460 million yuan to ensure stable power supply.


“The safety distance between the line and the vegetation is the most common hidden danger.” Liao Ruchao explained that due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the temperature will increase after the line increases the current carrying capacity, and the sag will increase, resulting in insufficient safety distance from the ground trees. After further data analysis and prediction, after determining the location of the safety distance, take measures such as tree barrier cleaning to accurately increase the current capacity of the transmission line and improve the power supply capacity.


Data platform predicts obstacles and maintains safe operation of the line


According to Chen Wenyong, the director of Wolong Substation, the Yunfu 500kV Wolong Substation was completed in the end of 2016. It was accepted by drone. The acceptance efficiency was 6 times higher than that of the manual. This is the first in China.


The reporter learned that the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation of China Southern Power Grid set up the country's first professional aircraft inspection agency in 2015, and extensively carried out the aircraft inspection business in the fields of line inspection, project acceptance, emergency investigation, anti-ice and mountain fire. At the same time, it established the first professional analysis and management platform for the national patrol data, and took the lead in realizing the full coverage of the province's 110 kV and above line machines, built 45,000 kilometers, covering 68% of the main network transmission digital channels, and found the efficiency of processing line defects is 11 times that of manual inspection, forming nearly 1000 TB massive data, which can realize the measurable, analyzable and predictable equipment status.


Data analysis has become the “important productivity” of the power grid. During the machine tour, large data such as visible light, infrared image, and high-precision position information are accumulated on the line. According to Xu Zhihai, the deputy director of the data analysis department of Guangdong Power Grid Inspection Center, through intelligent operation and data analysis, not only defects can be found, but also the development trend of defects can be predicted. The reporter saw that in a line of three-dimensional data, the green plants below the line are clearly visible. It is understood that according to the intelligent identification tree species and trunk diameter calculation and analysis, the growth height of the plant here will affect the safe operation of the line after one year. At that time, the system will automatically prompt the operation and maintenance personnel to go to the site for processing.


Peng Chigang, the director of the Guangdong Power Grid Inspection Center, said that after the big data intelligent calculation, the digital channel can accurately predict the risk points of wind, ice and high load, reduce tripping and multi-power supply. In addition, the model can simulate equipment maintenance process, optimize processes, achieve accurate maintenance, and improve power supply reliability.


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