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What are the advantages of our products?

What are the advantages of our products?

Update Time:2018/11/29
the advantage of vacuum interrupter
1. It is an environmentally friendly and easily recyclable technology.
2. Using a vacuum interrupter housed in solid dielectric insulation ensures that utilities are using a sustainable technology.
the advantage of vacuum contactor
1.Vacuum contactor is designed for millions on/off operation 
2.Strong arc-extinguishing ability, good pressure resistance, high operating frequency, long life, no arc spray. 
3.Small size, light weight, long maintenance period.
the advantage of vacuum breaker
1.Arc extinguishing in a sealed container, arc and hot gas are not exposed.
2.Contact gap is small, a few mm to 40mm.
3.Short arcing time, low arc voltage, low arc energy, less contact wear, and more allowable breaks
4.The movable rod has low inertia and is suitable for frequent operation.
5.Small operating mechanism, small size and light weight.
6.Small control power
7.Low noise during operation
8.No fire or explosion hazard during operation
9. the maintenance cycle is long

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